The first Caciocavalleria in the world is born in a frontier land, Irpinia (South of Italy), on the back of the Apennine, the spine along which ancient civilizations have traded for centuries knowledge and tastes.


Crossroads of millennium trails, Roman roads and important religious trails. The cheese from these parts has been transported to mule back for millennia.


As books on the bookshelves of a library, these “toms” tell about ancient stories, an honest territory, made of shepherds, cows, cowboys, landscapes, aromas and their tedious daily work needed to transfer this whole world to the products of this cheese store, That Is our Caciocavalleria.

Our Cheese:
Aged in cave
Aged with flavors
Spreadable cheese cream


The rule that drives our pairs with other products of the territory is the balance. The overall taste of a combined tasting of products must be balanced.


We will then make younger cheese with strong, acidic, persistent flavors. For aged cheeses we will assemble soft, sweet and velvety flavors.
We will balance by contrast.



We will adopt the same principle by adapting it to this varied product, we can use the wine in all its variants: white, red, classic method, molded, chined, passito.

Fresh cheese 0-60 days
White Wine or sparkling wine
Low aged cheese 60-120 days
Red wine of good fullness, scented, quite tannic, warm enough.
Aged cheese 120 and over days
Red wines of great structure and aged, with a fairly intense scent.



Beer is experiencing a great time of re-evaluation and there are a lot of companies that propose this product in the craftsmanship, of course, also in our territory. Even with this world we want to face it.

Soft cheese, our Schiena d’asino match with a low fermentation beer and long ripening … the most common beer in the world, golden color, bitter taste, and a not excessive alcohol content.

For cheeses aged in cave we combine instead a high fermentation beer tending to the sweet.

For a good cheese tasting, the optimum temperature of the cheese should be approximately 18 ° / 20°


Touch it with your hand, feel the hints, see the colors and above all taste the flavors of a real cheese is definitely a privilege.


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