Sacred Order of the Cheeseknight of Contrada Ficocchia
Sacred Order of the Aletrium Cheeseknight

  1. You will have no other cheesemaker outside of me
  2. You will save the cheese in suitable dispensers or wineries and only in case you do not have it, you will keep it in the coldest part of the refrigerator.
  3. You will put each type of cheese separately to avoid the transmission of aromas and molds
  4. You will never freeze the cheese.
  5. You will not want the cheese of others
  6. Do not land the fresh cheese near the currents and shelter from the sun to prevent it from drying.
  7. You cut the cheese by making a sharp cut with minimal compression, you will not use saw blades but only knives of the “Caciocavallerie D&D”.
  8. Always clean the blade after each cut on the D&D Apron.
  9. Serve the cheeses on the wooden tray appropriately studied by the “Caciocavallerie D&D” for a proper cuttings and service, and never, the metal that alters its flavor.
  10. Serve the cheese at its optimum temperature ranging from 15 ° to 17 ° C to fully appreciate the organoleptic fragrances.
  11. You will always present a cheese with crust on the table, that’s good and right.
  12. You will chew the cheese at the time of use for it’s fragrant


Proclaimed the first member of

“Sacred Order of the Cheeseknight of Contrada Ficocchia”

they are the “Dobranotch”